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Speaker 1: 00:24 Hi, I'm Marty fish and I would like to share something very exciting with you. A number of years ago I started the Mardy fish children's foundation to support at risk children in my hometown of Vero beach, Florida in Indian river County. Along the way in my life, so many supported me when I was young and it's my turn to do the same for children. My message today is all about seeking your support in joining us in this most worthy cause.

Speaker 2: 01:04 This is our swim program. It runs in two cycles a year throughout the Spring and the Fall semesters. Most of these children are coming from a homeless background, either currently or previously. This program is very instrumental in teaching them how to swim to allow them to have the same opportunity that other children in our community have.

Speaker 1: 01:23 An approved 501(C3) nonprofit, 100% of your donations support our youth.

Speaker 3: 01:29 I'm just so honored and I'm so thankful that a pro tennis player just cares so much about children and it's, it's humongous to be just out on these courts having so much fun. Hitting tennis balls. I love doing it. And it's so fun.

Speaker 4: 01:49 Awesome to know like that there's actually like a guy who's like a celebrity basically like, like taking his own money, his own time to like make sure like kids out in the world, like know how to play tennis and go out in the court and have some fun. I mean, I feel like that's actually really cool. And going out in the court and be able to just hit tennis balls, just like a really fun thing to do.

Speaker 5: 02:07 Helps me be a better person. So like, I can teach, like I can teach people how to play golf and they'll know how to play so then they can play it forever.

Speaker 6: 02:22 The Fish's are unbelievable and, and grace, um, you know, she, he really inspired her. It's amazing. And he's really changed not just my daughters' lives, but hundreds of kids.

Speaker 1: 02:42 Yeah, It's an amazing feeling to, to see the kids that we've helped through the foundation, grow up in the community, be a part of the community. Um, I've even played tennis with some of them to, uh, all the way down to just meeting them on the streets and saying hello. Um, just to what an incredible honor to, um, to be a part of that, uh, to have a, a small, a small part and to play a small part in that role.

Speaker 7: 03:00 To have someone come from another organization, another sport, and, and really be able to contribute with the same passion as they do for their own is a huge benefit. Uh, like I said to both our program and for the kids who are benefit from TBA.

Speaker 8: 03:19 Having the support is where it all starts. Without support, you can't really go as far as your dream. Mardy believes, Mardy believes. Mardy Fish as far as helping the kids is probably summed up in the six healthy habits, such as eat healthy brush and floss, exercise daily, uh, drink water, get plenty of rest and make friends. And those are the six qualities that we teach these kids.

Speaker 9: 03:44 So we are investing in the future of our community. The kids that we're investing in now are going to be our future leaders, our future firemen, and policemen and mayor and school teachers and lawyers, and whatever vocation. So we're investing in the next generation who are going to take over the leadership of our community here in Vero beach.

Speaker 1: 04:08 I'm Mardy Fish.Thank you for your support of me and my career throughout the years. I humbly ask you to continue to support me through my foundation, the Mardy Fish Children's Foundation. [music].