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Kids on Courts - The purpose of The Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation – Kids on Courts Grant is to grow the game of tennis by assisting community-based organizations, schools and tennis outreach programs in initiating, expanding, or enhancing their tennis program while including health, fitness and nutrition components on the courts. Eligible applicants include schools, community-based organizations and tennis outreach programs.

Kids in Motion - The purpose of The Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation – Kids in Motion Grant is to assist Schools & Community Based Organizations in initiating, expanding, or enhancing their health, fitness, nutrition, or enrichment programs. Eligible applicants include schools and community-based organizations.

New for 2022 - Individual scholarships available in honor of Paul Delaney and Mike Rahaley. Annual fund limit $2,000 Click here for how to apply.

Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation Grant Fast Facts:

Purpose: The purpose of The Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation – Kids on Courts and Kids in Motion Grants is to assist community-based organizations and tennis outreach programs in initiating, expanding, or enhancing their health, fitness or nutrition component of their programs.

Eligible Applicants: Community-based organizations or schools and tennis outreach program (non-exclusive).

Absolute Priority: The expressed priority is on safety and wellness to help children learn and build on lifelong healthy habits that surround the health, fitness and nutrition for children grades K-12. Additionally, this program requires that an applicant propose a program that will address healthy habits, progressive tennis skills, life skills, physical fitness and nutrition for youth.

REQUIREMENT: Organization or program receiving grants will commit to the following requirements:

  1. Participating in or volunteering for the Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation Tennis Championship spring tournament as requested. (1-3 hr commitment as a program)
  2. Submitting public release photos via email bi-monthly of programming taking place.
  3. Complete and submit program evaluation - Provide information about the program including attendance records, number of student participants by ethnic background, plus any other support information and feedback from the students and their families.
  4. Incorporate Mardy’s Six Healthy Habits throughout the program.
  5. Include the Mardy Fish Children's Foundation logo on all printed items
  6. Display provided MFCF Six Healthy Habits banner.

Application Submission Deadlines:
Spring 2024 - opens December 15th, 2023, closes January 15th, 2024
Summer 2024 - opens April 15th, closes May 15th, 2024
Fall 2024 - opens July 15th, closes August 15th, 2024

Dates subject to change. Please call us at 866-633-4070 or email us at if you have any questions. We remain committed to keeping our kids active and safe.

Grants contingent upon the availability of funds and the quality of applications. We may make additional awards later in FY and in subsequent years from the list of unfunded applicants.

Mardy's six healthy habits: get sleep, drink water, eat healthy, exercise daily, brush and floss, make friends.

Grant Application

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Program Name
Expected Attendance
Time Slot
Days of Week
Cost of Program
Camp week 1
4pm to 5pm
M, W
Camp week 2
4pm to 6pm
M - F
After School Personnel
Tennis Pro (@ per hr) $240
Assistant coach $200
Subtotal After School Personnel $440
After School Non-Personnel Expenses
Balls (match and practice) $160
Uniforms $100
Racquets $
End of Year Party $100
Healthy Snacks $250
Subtotal After School Non-Personnel $610
Grand Total $1050